GALLERY "The rhythm of seasons"

Winter flowers magically born by the fireplace: bags, jumpers, embroideries accessories and decorations
made during the long afternoons sipping tea and eating home made cakes …recycling materials, creativity
and fantasy are the main ingredients. The first buds …and it's spring when it's beautiful to walk in the fields
, to pick the herbs, to plant, to start little by little to open yourself to the sun.
It's now warmer… summertime: the vegetable garden is coloured in red, green and yellow...
time to pick and cook,time to process herbs, fruit, vegetables …the jars fill up the pantry.
The first cool evenings of autumn, the golden and red leaves.. the olives are now ready to be picked.
The olives are now on the narrow way to the oil press, the millstones go round and our oil finally comes.
Its taste is sweet, fruity, its sediment is history: past, present and future for our health .