"Our passion and respect for Nature"

" And still it is here the poplar
With swallows all around
Its branches there out in the sky
No one has changed:
The poplar or the sky
With the white clouds and
The swallows pecking their fringes.
And their shrill cry
Tells about me
Of how I was, how I am…"

Our past has always linked us to Nature and for this reason glancing through our memories' album ,people, places, and emotions talk about wild flowers, ducks and poplars...

We make a step backwards to make other three steps forward: The house is heated with a biomass plant, the wastes of fields and kitchen become compost to make biological manure for the soil, biological detergents and Marseille soap for the washing then dried in the sun are only some of the details of our everyday life.
We do not use chemical fertilizers for the plants and garden…
so an apple is an apple and if you do not look only the surface,
but the depth of things,this is what you'll like...